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BO 3.0 Black & Blueberry

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What is AyuFlex® Joint Support?

AyuFlex® Joint Support

AyuFlex® is a standardized dried aqueous extract, derived from the ancient Indian Ayurvedic fruits of Terminalia chebula for joint support.

What is Capros® Cardiovascular?

Capros® Cardiovascular

Capros® is a natural botanical extract, derived from edible fruits of Amla. It is recognized as super antioxidant with excellent cardiovascular support.

BO 3.0's Berry + Blue Berry hydration drink is a refreshing blend infused with natural flavors and essential nutrients, specifically formulated to promote joint and muscle support. With its added benefits for cardiovascular health, this beverage serves as an ideal companion for active lifestyles.

  • Zero sugar
  • Supports cardiovascular health with 500mg Capros®
  • Supports healthy joints with 500mg AyuFlex®
  • Natural blackberry flavor
  • Natural blueberry flavor
  • 90mg vitamin C
  • 230mg sodium
  • 70mg potassium
  • Supports immune health

Product Reviews

I have had years of shoulder pain from an injury and I surprisingly feel some relief in my joints which has helped me go for longer walks.


There's a lot of weird flavorings out there, but Bo3.0 crushed it with each flavor! I love the variety pack so I can switch it up daily. They taste clean and hydrating.


Bo3.0 has become my go to drink mid day at work. It gives me the hydration I need which allows me to finish the day strong at work and still fit in my workout.



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