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BO 3.0 Raspberry & Watermelon

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What is AyuFlex® Joint Support?

AyuFlex® Joint Support

AyuFlex® is a standardized dried aqueous extract, derived from the ancient Indian Ayurvedic fruits of Terminalia chebula for joint support.

What is Capros® Cardiovascular?

Capros® Cardiovascular

Capros® is a natural botanical extract, derived from edible fruits of Amla. It is recognized as super antioxidant with excellent cardiovascular support

BO 3.0's Raspberry Watermelon hydration drink is a delicious fusion of natural flavors and essential nutrients, carefully crafted to enhance joint and muscle support. Formulated to contribute to cardiovascular well-being, this beverage serves as a delectable option for those striving to maintain peak performance levels daily routines.

  • Zero sugar
  • Supports cardiovascular health with 500mg Capros®
  • Supports healthy joints with 500mg AyuFlex®
  • Natural raspberry flavor
  • Natural watermelon flavor
  • 90mg vitamin C
  • 230mg sodium
  • 70mg potassium
  • Supports immune health

Product Reviews

I have had years of shoulder pain from an injury and I surprisingly feel some relief in my joints which has helped me go for longer walks.


There's a lot of weird flavorings out there, but Bo3.0 crushed it with each flavor! I love the variety pack so I can switch it up daily. They taste clean and hydrating.


Bo3.0 has become my go to drink mid day at work. It gives me the hydration I need which allows me to finish the day strong at work and still fit in my workout.


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